Affordable Self Drive Car Rental in Uganda

Car Hire in Uganda

One may wonder on the essence of why he/she may go for a self drive safari to Uganda, but before that, one needs to consult a reliable tour company for advice to avoid exploitations from others. For an affordable self drive car rental in Uganda, 4×4 Car Hire Uganda is the solutions due to the range of the cars they offer to their clients at the different rates for selection. Cars include Rav4, Toyota Prado, Toyota Land cruiser, coasters, Premio, Land Cruiser TZ, TX both open roof and non, automatic and manual cars, insured and others with a GPS on request.

If you have not yet traveled to Uganda yet you are missing and for real for us who travel we shall keep on telling stories on how we enjoyed the affordable self drive safaris while in Uganda. I planned a five day safari to Uganda with Eco Tours Uganda, through a vigorous discussion we engaged in with their tour consultant Moses, we were given an itinerary directing us on how we were to spend our days and time within the parks that were to track from.

In this safari, we had to tour only two national parks which included Kibale and Bwindi impenetrable national park. God was with us that we booked both chimpanzee and gorilla tracking tickets during the promotional period of November at $450 for gorillas and $100 for chimpanzee. On reaching Uganda we were given our car we had booked, we paid for it and then we signed the hiring agreement at the airport with the Nature Adventure, we were given all the receipts which we used to enter the hotels and parks, we went to Grand Imperial Hotel in Kampala where we slept.

For the second day we woke up early in the morning for tea and we proceeded to south western Uganda to the home of Gorillas that’s Bwindi impenetrable, that fact is that this park accommodates over 400 mountain gorillas separated basing on the families in the different sectors of Ruhija, Buhoma, Rushaga and Nkuringo sector. Having reached late to the park, tracking was impossible and here we slept at the Gorilla Safari lodge at Rushaga. Early in the morning on the third day we went back to the park head quarters for briefing and at exactly 8am we started tracking the Mishaya gorilla group in the deep trails within the park.

In the process we were accompanied by the game rangers who provided us with security and this enabled us to have a safe track. We did not move for a long time since the gorillas were near, we observed, took photographs for about one hour. Indeed Uganda is among the most active countries that have seen advantages in conserving wildlife; this made our safari a memorable. After signing out of the park, i entered my land cruiser and i drove straight to Kibale national park in Kasese where i spent my overnight at Safari Hotel Bigodi.

On the fourth day early in the morning after break first, i went to the park for briefing and we started trekking chimpanzees with the park guides in the thick forest but as we were on our journey, monkeys and crossing voices of birds were the order of the day with chimps leaping over the tree while showing to us that they were the masters of the forest regarding issues of moving on trees high up. Different tree species our home country lacks were also found here.

With this experience, on the fifth day i drove my car back to Entebbe airport from where i prepared for my return back to India. I handled over the car to the company at the airport, All in all what I can say is that Uganda being an east African country though landlocked, it’s one of the great tourism destinations in the world for both chimpanzee and gorilla tracking activities on a self drive safaris and therefore to avoid missing this memorable experience, Nature Adventure Africa safaris is the best to arrange with your tour


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