Best Safari Jeeps Best for Group Tours in Uganda.

Car Hire in Uganda

Uganda Car Hire Services – Best Safari Vehicles suitable for Family or Group Tours in Uganda

A best Safari in Uganda is usually influenced by different factors which include available transportation services, accommodation facilities, meals, experienced guides, alluring spots, ease of accessibility, nature of climatic conditions and more.

Although no any thing can be 100% percent correct but at least transportation, meals and accommodation are the main determiners for a Safari to Uganda.

Before taking you direct to the highlights of best Safari jeeps suitable for group tours in Uganda, a brief highlight about Uganda “The Pearl of Africa” is also paramount as below.

About Uganda.

Uganda is a land locked country declared to be “The Pearl of Africa” among the list of countries in Africa and this was done in 1908 by first European explorer Sir Winston Churchill after his great visit which led him to this declaration after being evidenced with wide range of different attracting touristic features.

Furthermore, Uganda is geographically located in the Eastern part of the African continent sharing borders with Kenya in the East, Rwanda in the South west, Tanzania in the South, Democratic Republic of Congo in the West and South Sudan in the North.

Typically characterized with thick tropical rain forests, Savannah, grasslands and woodlands, bogs, marshes, riverine forests, alpine forests, bamboo forested areas and swampy areas in its different regions providing habitat to wide range of different Wildlife species including Wild animals, Primates, Apes, Insects, Reptiles, plant species, and different bird species. It’s both characterized with mountainous and flat areas.

How to get there?

Being situated in the Eastern part of the African continent, all visitors to this destination access it by air transport means arriving in at Entebbe international airport which is 37km south west of Kampala the capital city of Uganda.

Therefore visiting Uganda as a group interested in exploring its major tourist sites but just confused on which suitable jeep to use, listed below are the best recommended fleets to choose from which are provided by 4×4 Car Hire Uganda.

Land Cruisers.

Different modes of Land cruiser manufactured by Toyota and then exported to Uganda are characterized with five doors plus the other feature of eight people seating capacity but according to Safaris, this jeep is gazetted for four people including the driver with each person being seated near the window with capacities of seeing whats outside.

Land cruisers are manufactured in two modes including four wheel drive jeeps and two wheel drive jeeps with automatic mode of operation or manual mode of operation but for Safaris in Uganda, 4×4 wheel drive pop up jeeps are recommended.

They are manufactured in different types including Land cruiser Prado, Land Cruiser Prado TX, Land Cruiser Prado TZ, Land Cruiser V8, VX and more.

Safari Van.

This fleet belongs to Toyota hiace range of fourth generation, it’s distinguished by the four doors and seven, eight, nine and ten seating features, they are ranked to be suitable for group or family tours and safaris while in Uganda.

They are also characterized with a pop up roof which favor long distance sighting of different Wildlife species within range particularly wild animals plus other species.

Super Custom.

This also belongs to the Toyota hiace range also characterized with four doors, eight seating capacity including the driver but according to tourism standards this jeep is gazetted for six people including the driver ranked suitable for family group tours either self drive or customized tours. Only 4×4 wheel drive jeeps are provided for Safaris with pop up roof for Wildlife viewing.

Toyota Coaster bus.

This also characterized with four doors, accommodating about 30 people ranked suitable for group tours in Uganda, they are not characterized with pop up roof but the wildlife viewing is usually done through its windows. This fleet is usually supplied with a driver if you are taking it for self drive tours in Uganda.

Listed above are the best recommended options to choose from for your group or family safaris in Uganda whether Self Drive or Escorted Safaris.


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