How to Go Self Driving in Uganda’s Top Destinations.

Car Hire in Uganda

4×4 Car Hire Uganda – Car Hire in Uganda, Book A Car in Uganda & Go Self Driving in Its Major Points of Interest

Uganda is a vast and popular destination located in the Eastern part of the African Continent; it was named to be the “Pearl of Africa” because of its interesting and unique attractions in stock.

Due to its vastness with over ten top National Parks to Visit, Sanctuaries, game reserves plus other physical features which include Mountains, rivers, Forests, Hot springs, Lakes and Falls you can better experience it at a cheap cost by going Self driving to its major sceneries.

Uganda is permanently located in the Eastern Part of the African Continent so the best way of reaching this touristic destination is by use of air transport means and you will land in at its major airport “Entebbe airport”, this Uganda’s airport has many different flights of different airlines flying in and out to different countries in the World.

Before taking you to the right procedures of going Self Driving in Uganda, its also paramount to know what is required for entry permission and driving in Uganda as listed below.

Visa & Yellow fever Vaccination. First of all traveling to Uganda you are required to apply for a Tourist Visa which issues permission for entry, usually its advised you apply before your travel dates and you will be issued this Visa on arrival because you may be inconvenienced when you apply on arrival due to long distance lining which may delay your traveling schedule and arrangements.

Valid Yellow fever vaccination card is another requirement for your entry into Uganda, it should be verified by doctor from your home country and failure to present it on arrival you will be denied permission for entry.

Driving License. Since going Self driving you engage your self in the action of using the Stearing Wheel, put it in mind that you have a Valid driving license which authorizes you permission of driving on the stable roads in Uganda because driving with out a valid driving license in Uganda is prohibited and you will end up in custody because of violating Uganda’s driving rules.

Expect of being fined and you will be required to pay a portion of money in Ugandan shillings such that you are released.

Driving Time. Mostly when you rent a Car in Uganda for Self drive you are not advised to drive at night in order to avoid unforeseen problems like attack by thieves which may even lead you to death and more, the highest time of driving is 6:00pm and beyond that you are out of terms & rules governing the rental in Uganda.

Going Self driving in Uganda is the best way of exploring top destinations at less costs since it involves hiring a stable Safari jeep and drive your self plus camping gears if necessary, therefore listed below are the steps followed in order to go self driving and Save some costs after your holiday.

Rent a Car with 4×4 Car hire Uganda. As far as going self driving the first requirement is a Stable & well conditioned Safari Jeep and 4×4 Car Hire Uganda is there for you to get all modes of different fleets you may wish to use which include Land Cruiser Prado Tx, Tz, V8, Rav 4, Safari Vans, Land Cruiser Extended, Super Custom, Coaster at affordable prices plus offers awarded to clients who are renting the Car for long terms which include rentals from two weeks on wards.

4×4 Car Hire Uganda is the leading Car hire Company in Uganda providing only four wheel drives fleets for both escorted and Self drive holidays with its online platform where these fleets are displayed from, you can access it here 4×4 Car Hire Uganda with a contact us page where you can send the inquiry message from.

Car Rental terms and conditions are provided online such that you can go through and see whether you can go by them but failure to go by them a Car is not issued to you.

After confirming your booking with 4×4 Car Hire Uganda its better you pay a deposit on this booking for clear confirmation and rest of the costs will be paid on arrival after signing on the hardcopy of Car rental terms and conditions that you go by them.

Hire Camping Gears. These are rated to be the cheapest accommodation facilities while on your holiday but it depends on your needs, most of the top destinations to visit in Uganda have their camping sites reserved for Campers to use at cheap prices when compared to self contained rooms.

Camping gears include Camping tents, sleeping bags, Mattresses, Cooking Utensils, Table, Camping chair, Cooler box and more, usually are parked in the boot of the Safari Jeep you are using but any damage to one of the gears in your responsibility you are required to replace it with a new one.

If you are not used to cooking its better you use self contained rooms plus breakfast, lunch and dinner being provided by the lodge or hotel instead of Camping.

Do not forget a GPS. Mostly when going Self driving in Uganda its better you use a GPS if you are not well versed with some routes, this device helps in showing location of different places and this will limit you from getting lost on the way which may inconvenience your traveling plan or schedule.

To add on that you must be informed on how to use this device if not request the provider to teach you how to use it, it is provided at a cost of $5 USD per day and since its delicate you are advised to handle it with care.

Inform the Provider. In case of any Car break down please do not repair it with out notifying the Provider because they usually be with their personal technicians in different regions ready to fix any Car problem.

Or if not that you may be over charged by the technician you may use with out informing the provider which may cause disagreements due to the provider’s failure to refund your money.



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