Encounter Wildlife Photography Experience in Uganda and Rwanda

Chimpanzee Trekking in Uganda

Encountering Mountain Gorillas is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It’s both exhilarating and humbling to spend time with these critically endangered primates in their stunning natural environment, and to photograph them from up close. Join us on a Mountain Gorilla Photography safaris in Rwanda and Uganda, and experience it for yourself, this journey will take you on the finest gorilla treks, in search of the best photographic opportunities. We’ll also introduce you to the wealth of natural beauty, exciting other wildlife and colourful culture Rwanda has to offer if you are interested.

To trek into the rain forest and sit with a family of wild mountain gorillas, look into the eyes of a huge silver back at close range, watch babies cling to their mothers, laugh at youngsters playing in the trees, is a life-enhancing experience for a wildlife lover. To capture amazing photographs of such encounters allows you to relive these rare moments in enduring images.

Our Expedition Leader Sam Clark is both a primate naturalist and accomplished photographer whose expertise on both fronts helps you go home with photos you could only dream of beforehand. Your visit to endangered mountain gorillas and other primates in their natural habitat in Uganda and Rwanda may also be a life-changing experience for these species, as ecotourism is the main hope for protecting their future.

It’s the moment of truth. After a long, sweaty scramble, your guide ushers you quietly into the clearing. Troop of gorillas taking their mid morning break: hillocks of black fur protrude from the glossy greenery on every side – a crooked elbow here, a swollen belly there. Above the drip-drip of the foliage come sporadic snores and the soft sound of wind. Yes, there’s little going on, but you have never felt so alive.

You inch forward and reach for your camera. Treks set out daily. Rangers keep park HQ informed by radio of the gorillas’ whereabouts, so sightings are virtually guaranteed. After an obligatory briefing, you will be assigned to a group of up to eight trekkers, plus guides and porters. Each group is allocated to a particular gorilla troop. The trek, including one hour with the gorillas, may take anything from three to nine hours, depending on the location of your troop. If you miss the briefing, or show up with a cold which poses a serious health risk to the apes, you will be turned away, permit or no permit.


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