Gorilla Photo Safaris in Uganda

Rwanda Gorilla Trekking

Bwindi Forest Impenetrable National Park is the best photo place for gorillas in Uganda. After breakfast, you go on the search for the peaceful apes. You will be accompanied by rangers; treks as well as your private porter helping you carry your back pack.

We recommend that you rely on a porter for equipment. The tracking itself can take up to seven hours depending in which area the gorillas moved in the Bwindi Forest Impenetrable National Park. But don’t worry the chances of finding the gorillas are relatively high in Bwindi.

Before you arrive park rangers are scouting for the gorillas. The rangers communicate via radio, and so you will be notified about the exact location of the great apes. Having reached the gorillas, you have one hour time to photograph them. Eye to eye with the silver back and other members are a unique experience and your highlight on this gorilla safari in Africa!

Gorillas often look up and this is the time when they expose their eyes most and these are the brief moments to look out for. Take note of your aperture value when shooting at a close distance though, as the distance between the nose and eyes will increase considerably when they look up.

Look out for opportunities where the gorillas expose their hands and feet. They carry fingerprints just like our own. The best opportunity to photograph their hands and feet happen when they lie on their backs and will often move their limbs around trying to get comfortable or when grooming themselves. Showing the gentle and loving care we ourselves show our children and really connect well with our own emotions and parental instincts.

The younger the infant, the less chance you have of seeing the little ones in the open. Mothers will often hide their newborn from their human spectators and more so when it is a first time mother. When on a Uganda Gorilla photography tour, look out for the playful behavior of the young. Often you can relate the games they play with those of our own Children, swinging on vines, hide and seek and also when they imitate the big Silver backs’ chest beating.

This is truly the wildlife photographic safari experience of a lifetime! Bwindi having a wide range of wildlife, chances are high to have much different wildlife as you wonder in those forests in search for the gorillas hence becoming an added advantage to your photo gallery. All this can only be enjoyed with Nature Adventure Africa Safaris, Uganda. Book now to get a discount on this memorable wilderness safari.


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