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Book for Mountain Gorilla Trekking Safaris, Gorilla Tours with Bwindi Safaris to Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Looking for a once in a lifetime experience? Join Gorilla tracking in Southwest Uganda. Meet and greet mountain gorillas in their natural environment, the stunning forest of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

Early morning after breakfast start (8 AM) the drive to Kabale for lunch. From here the journey takes us through a beautiful landscape called the “Switzerland of Africa”.

We pass mountains, hills and lakes with cultivated terraces, tropical rain forest and bamboo forest.

On the last hill the landscape unfolds beneath us, in the vast plane of Uganda, Rwanda and Congo the Virunga volcanoes dominate the view. Down is Kisoro where we will stay in the famous Travelers Rest Hotel if staying in Kisoro.

Just outside Kisoro, this unique hotel offers a cozy stay for the tourists, who come to see the endangered mountain gorilla.

The hotel, built in a somewhat colonial style, and entirely renovated in 1999, has a comfortable ambiance. In the sixties the famous American ‘gorilla-woman’ Dian Fossey visited Hotel Travelers Rest many, many times to do paperwork, to relax or to meet people.

Fossey said about the hotel: It was my second home.” And trust, one could never get closer to Bwindi!!!! The gentle Giants are at home at GVL, Sometimes the gorillas come out of the forest to spend some time feeding and playing in our gardens.

The day of gorilla trekking safari! You will travel by car to the starting point of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. Once there you will first receive a briefing (7.45am) and at 8.30am you will start the tracking.

Once you have found the gorillas, you will be able to spend up to one hour with them! You will be expected back to the starting point by 7.00pm at the latest. Being physically fit is recommended.

“At a distance of about fifteen feet a mountain gorilla with her baby appears. She comes out of the bushes, looks at me and lies down. My presence does not seem to bother her. She just wants to rest, whether I am there or not.

I can almost touch her. My heart dances with joy. I am in a good position to take pictures, so I let my camera do its work. It is the thrill of a lifetime.

I cannot but agree with the American zoologist George Schaller, the first to study gorillas in the Virunga volcanoes, who once said: ‘No one who looks into the eyes of a gorilla, gentle and vulnerable, can remain unchanged.


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