Mountain Gorilla Trekking Twice and Lake Bunyonyi Holiday

See Gorillas in Uganda

Exciting Mountain Gorilla Trekking Safaris in Uganda & Lake Bunyonyi Holidays, Gorilla Tours in Uganda

A golden chance in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. It is the park you can take double gorilla trek or gorilla habituation experience.

This takes two days in Bwindi exploring different gorilla families but for the habituation it is done in one day but staying with the mountain gorillas for the full day or four hours in the mist.

Booking and buying two gorilla permits is enough to assure you that your dream safari in any sector of Bwindi is readily awaiting for you but habituation is done at only one sector the Rushaga sector and visiting to only 2 families (Bikingi & Bushaho).

The offer is affordable with only Rwanda Gorilla Safaris. Buhoma is one of the sectors in Bwindi National Park hosting a variety of Gorilla families. The only habituated gorilla families in Buhoma for gorilla trekking tours include Mubare group, Habinyanja group and Rushegura group.

Day one was spent with the Mubare family which seemed to be easy to track because they rotate around Buhoma headquarters. From the looks they seem to mind their own business and a bit shy giving you the opportunity to track freely without any interruption from the family.

Day two still in Buhoma at the Habinyanja family. This family has got huge silver back who leads the all family and they all respect their head. Still the group is a bit approachable hence giving you the chance to compile a photo gallery.

With such a remarkable and an amazing experience, there is no regret to book with Gorilla Safaris Tours, all the appealing efforts they incur for you to gain the value for what you injected in the safari.

Day three at Lake Bunyonyi; a holiday at this lake gives an ultimate breeze which refreshes your minds. Towns on its shores include Kyevu and Muko, while its 29 islands include Punishment Island and Bushara Island.

It is a popular location for water sports and is known for the surrounding terraced hillsides. The lake’s centre is Bufuka known to inhabit Bakiga and the Batwa the accent forest people.

The Batwa also carry out cultural performances which inspire you to book again for a holiday at this lake. Activities like Nature walks, Birding walks, Dugout Canoe Treks, Community visits, Mountain Climbing, etc. can be organized.

It is only at Kahungye Island that wild animals tracked which include the Impalas, Zebra, Water bucks, the Kobs and the only Debrasa Monkey. It also housed Lake Bunyonyi Eco Resort.

The lake is more developed with many lodges, campsites and many tour activities. Do not hesitate to book with Rwanda Gorilla Safaris for it is only you that can tell the reality to the whole world.


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