Things to Do

From this official Eco tours guide you will fine much things to do in East Africa and other African regions. There are very many wonderful things to do in East Africa, and you have not done them all until you have visited this continent. Browse our guide well and you will find all want to know about Africa and this will open your travel doors, and traveling with any of our listed trusted safari company you will have fun and this will put together all your own “must-see” and “must-do” from among African’s tourist attractions.

Home Stay Tourism

It is only in Africa, where you can have the typical local home stay tourism staying in the local community homes and participating in the very local activities like farming, cooking, milking, fetching water, bucket & mart weaving among others. Are you looking to have this experience in East Africa, please can help you take this holiday in the most local villages and we can organize this home stay tourism combined with the visit to the wildlife and primates. For instance in Uganda you can experience the Tinka’s home stay and visit Kibale Forest National Park, for the chimpanzee trekking in the jungle.

Nature Walks & Trails

Guided nature walks are offered in national parks, forest, wetlands and on these walks that are conducted on the designed trails offers you the chance to see the butteries, birds, primates, canopies among other tourist products. Nature walks always take time in the morning or evening and done with the guard of the professional park rangers.