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Mountain Rwenzori Hiking in Uganda

Mountain Hiking Tours & Adventures in Uganda – Visiting the Rwenzori Mountains in Western Uganda with Ugandan Tour

This is one of the best experience one must have before leaving the planet earth, hiking has become prominent activity in Uganda and it can be done at Sabyinyo in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, mountain Elgon and mountain Rwenzori.

To have a memorable hiking experience, Nature Adventure Africa Safaris is always there to guide and provided advice to all its clients including all the information needed plus nice Uganda tours itineraries offering wildlife, primates and bird safari holidays.

Having got interested in this activity, i decided to contact Moses who arranged our exciting travel to Uganda. We were to hike from the third Africa’s tallest mountain with amazing features on its top.

This is the mountain of the moon commonly known as Rwenzori mountain found in the districts of Kasese and Bushenyi. This was to take us eleven days to explore this mountain to its Margherita peak.

Moses partnered with Rwenzori hiking services and booked all the hiking equipments, on our first day in Uganda we slept at Protea Hotel in Entebbe and on the second day we proceeded to Rwenzori for our great hike Ihamba Safari Lodge which is a mid-range lodge where we enjoyed swimming from the available swimming pool.

On the third day, we went at Nyakarengija where the RMS offices are located, we were given the equipments which we wore and after we started our journey to the peak, we passed through a trail that led us through the farmland to Mubuku river, we had this experience, there after we climbed a sharp ridge to the Nyabitaba hut.

This was hectic though interesting because it took us 6hours to reach this place where we were recommended to stay as our porters and the cooks prepared our food.

At this point it was 2651m above the sea level, this gave us an opportunity to see the Rwenzori Turaco, white and black Colobus plus some sounding chimps around.

In the evening we slept in the available huts on our sleeping bags and on the fourth day we continued with the hike through the trail that led to Kurt Shafer bridge that crosses the Mubuku valley and the Bijuku valley, this took us through the bamboo forest commonly found in the mountainous places.

This took us seven hours to reach a John Mate Hut at exactly 3505m because of the steepness of this area; we had to take a breathing rest and an overnight from this point as we also took refreshments.

On the fifth day, we woke up as early as possible and we head to the top using the board walk at Bigo Bog that was constructed to help the hikers as its too steep.

As we crossed the glacier curved valley we were able to see the Mt-Stanley up to the Bujuku hut where we slept that day at about 3962m, this took us 6hours.

On the sixth day, we continued to through a much muddy place to the groundsel Gully where we climbed the metal ladder that was put up to helps because this area is muddy due to the flowing rivers, this was a bit tactical and it needed due care and seriousness to pass over this place to Scot Elliot up to Kitandara at 4372m where we found the hut that we were supposed to sleep as we were enjoying the towering peaks that are spread around the areas.

On the seventh day, we started our hike again as we were experiencing too much coldness from the snow that formed mist around the area and this needed us to put on our eye gaggles, this took us through a fresh field pass up to Guy Yeoman hut at 4282m. This took us 5hours to reach this slanting place with a scenic view of Mountain Baker in the north.

On the eighth day we proceeded towards the peak and we were only seeing snow around the Margherita peak, on the ninth day, we descended the mountain up to the starting point, we handed over the materials to the Rwenzori Mountaineering Services and we went to our lodge for a rest.

On the ninth day, we traveled back to Entebbe and this took us 7hours on the way but every person was sharing the experience as it was real and practical.


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